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These General Terms of Use (“GTU”) govern the terms of use of the website (“Website”) held by the company DREAMEXPORT LIMITED (“DREAMEXPORT”) by any user of the Website (the “User”) for the purchase by DREAMEXPORT of sponsorship services made by the User who has accepted a conditional Offer contained on the Website (the “Offer”).

The GTU are available to Users on the Website and can also be provided on request. The User declares to have read and accepted these General Terms of Use before accepting the Offer. The applicable terms are those in effect on the Website.

The fact that DREAMEXPORT does not take advantage at any given moment of any of the hereby terms of the GTU shall not be construed as a waiver to take advantage later of any one of those conditions.


Article 1 - Registration Terms and User Account

To be eligible to the Offer, the User must be an adult natural person aged over 18 years and have a non-chinese and non-corporate Paypal account linked to his personal bank account.

Any User who does not fulfill these conditions will not be given access to the Offer.
If these criteria are met, the User has to register on the Website and disclose personal informations such as first name, last name, age, country of residence and Paypal address. Otherwise, the registration of the user will not be possible.

DREAMEXPORT reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently close the account of any User at its sole discretion.

In the case of a successful registration on the Website, the User will receive a personal and unique identification code (“ID Code”) that will be communicated to him by email.


Article 2 - Presentation and course of the Offer

DREAMEXPORT reserves the right to modify the content and conditions of the Offer at any time. The available Offer can be accessed on the Website.

By subscribing to the Offer, the User gains the opportunity to enter a sponsorship program with DREAMEXPORT in which he personally makes the DREAMEXPORT products known to his social circle and general people of his choosing.

The User must promote the Website and its products by giving potential customers the URL of the Website ( and his personal ID Code which was communicated to him by email after registration on the Website. The User's ID Code may be used by canvassed customers to obtain a 5% discount on all orders placed on the Website.

The Offer corresponds to specific criteria that the User is asked to respect. Failure of one of these criteria makes null and voids the Offer.

For each unit of glasses that is sold in the first order of a new customer who also used the User's personal ID Code to get the 5% discount, the sum of 5 US dollars is added to the current sponsorship credit of the User. 

Only the first order of a new customer that never ordered on the Website and who used the User's ID Code to get the 5% discount will be recognized in the calculation of the final sponsorship commission that will be paid to the User who registered with the Offer.  

In order to facilitate the advertisement of products, DREAMEXPORT may make available to the User : flyers, photographs, texts, links, and other informations relevant to the Offer. 

The User is allowed to make the offer known through any means he desires provided it is done in accordance to the regulations applicable.


Article 3 - Invoice and Payment

The payment of the User's credit will be made by DREAMEXPORT to the User's Paypal address each time the User's credit reaches 100US dollars. A monthly payment will also be made at the end of each month for the entirety of the User's remaining sponsorship credit for the current month, however, taking into account management fees, this monthly payment will only be done for a sum equal or superior to 20 US dollars.

In case of incorrect Paypal contact details, the User will be notified by email so he can regularize his Paypal informations.

The amount shown is raw, the User making personally responsible for the payment of any charge or fee in accordance with regulations and standards of the country where the User resides.


Article 4 - Relationship between the Parties

DREAMEXPORT on one hand and the User on the other are respectively independent parties, each acting in its name and on its own account, within the respect of the hereby GTU. The User accepts the Offer in full independence and acknowledges that the Offer is not and should not become the source of his main business.

The GTU do not create any employment relationship, subordination link, joint venture, partnership, franchise relations, agency relations, or sales representative relationship between DREAMEXPORT and the Users.

The User will not misrepresent or embellish the relationship between DREAMEXPORT or the brand TECHNOCATZ and himself (including by expressing or implying that we support, sponsor, endorse, or contribute to any charity or other cause), or express or imply any relationship or affiliation between DREAMEXPORT or the brand TECHNOCATZ and him or any other person or entity.

The User will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on DREAMEXPORT's or other Users' behalf. The User will not make any statement, whether on the internet or otherwise, that contradicts or may contradict anything in this section. If the User authorizes, assists, encourages, or facilitates another person or entity to take any action related to the subject matter of these GTU, he will be deemed to have taken the action himself.


Article 5 - Termination

The term of these GTU will begin upon our acceptance of the User’s application and will end when terminated by either DREAMEXPORT or the User.

Either DREAMEXPORT or the User may terminate the term of these GTU, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. The termination of the Offer opens no entitlement to any compensation of any kind or any origin.


Article 6 - Copyright, Trademark Policy

The brand TECHNOCATZ and its logo belong to DREAMEXPORT and are subjected to a published European trademark application.

The User can not under any circumstances use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, alter or transmit the Website or parts of it or the brand TECHNOCATZ without the prior written permission of DREAMEXPORT. No right or license can be granted on any of these elements without the express written permission of DREAMEXPORT. DREAMEXPORT reserves the right to pursue any action for infringement of its intellectual property rights.

All information, content and material appearing in the Website which is made available by DREAMEXPORT is owned by DREAMEXPORT including trademarks, brand identity, brand name, names, logos, graphics, site design, drawings, text, photos, and recordings.

Any unauthorized use or misuse of trademarks or content is prohibited as provided by the terms of use. All of the content and copyrighted material cannot be modified, copied, distributed by the User, downloaded, displayed, e-mailed, transmitted or sold in any form in part or in whole without express permission of the copyright owner prior to the action. Your personal and non-commercial use to display, copy, distribute, print and/or download the content will be granted but, you must not modify the content. If the User does modify the content, he must have prior written permission to do so.


Article 7 - Responsibility

DREAMEXPORT reserves at any time the right to modify or discontinue its Website and Offer without liability being incurred.
By using the Website the User agrees to all the risks and characteristics of the use of a smartphone and Internet, particularly the transmission delays, technical errors, risk of piracy and risks of delivery delays in the shipping of the products.
DREAMEXPORT is not responsible for any damages that might be caused to the User's computer hardware or smartphone.

In case of any litigations arising in relation with these GTU, the parties hereby grant an exclusive jurisdiction to the courts of Hong Kong.